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By Jamie Cooper, Dec 7 2018 01:10AM

As I have had a fallout with (moonfruit) the people who charge me to run this and my other sites I am closing these sites down when my contract comes up for renewal shortly. I have created a facebook group called Life Sketching and welcome others to join me on it. It is a closed group as there are still some out there who get offended by the site of a body or two.

Two pen & Ink, and watercolour, of Leisha - our Russian bodybuilding model - from tonight's life drawing in Norwich. The drying times are getting longer with winter and so in the limited time at life-drawing for each pose the ink is bleeding more into the w/c than it was a couple of months ago. I have tried to turn this to my advantage in creating an atmosphere and letting the bleed enhance the shadows produced by the lighting.

I liked the pose on this one. For such a muscular, and large man, this showed a certain vulnerability which I felt was expressive and appropriate for the changing role of males in modern society.

Vunerable Male
Vunerable Male

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