Pen, Pencil, Paint

& Paper

Life sketching

21 Park Avenue

North Walsham


NR28 9HJ

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Here I have attempted 10 freehand sketches with the goal to

Keep the space between each pose as best as possible. These are done in the studio from photo reference which shows the mdels from different angles in the same positions. Sometimes I sketched in rough pencil guides and at others I went straight in with the dip pen.


I lost a bit of the character of each model n places but that didn't matter so much. If time permits then I may work these up into a painting sometime soon.


It was a useful excercise, using various colours along with slightly different methods e.g. sometimes I painted and then placed the outline - whilst with others, drew the outline which was washed-in.


All on 140lb A3 fine, watercolour paper.